Sylaco - satellite TV installation for offshore vessels, ships and marine environment. Offshore satellite TV installation for marine vessels including ships and oilrigs.
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Sylaco - offshore/marine satellite TV and aerial installation services and PipeMate For over ten years Sylaco have developed and traded in the latest technologies. Our Satellite TV division for the offshore and marine market has been particularly successful and many of the offshore deepwater drilling companies have Sylaco systems on their drilling rigs.

Sylaco are able to provide a complete entertainment system installation for a marine vessel or off-shore platform/rig based around a stabilised satellite TV antenna. Typical installations comprise a PC controlled antenna, sophisticated entertainment rack of satellite decoders, DVD and VCR units, along with full distribution to recreation rooms and cabins providing a multi channel mix of television viewing and radio listening.

Sylaco are proud to be recognised by OceanMedia, the satellite TV division of Applied Satellite Technology (AST), as their European distributor of the year. Sylaco have fitted many of their 1250PC and 850 stabilised antennae, and are soon to launch the new 901. AST have a fine reputation as a designer and manufacturer of antennae using rotary joint and slip ring technology, a superior solution to cable wrap/unwrap systems. As well as AST the product line, we are able to offer service and support of Naval and Seatel products.


Offshore Satellite TV

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