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Introducing PipeMate
The new and innovative PIPEMATE system is an accurate combined Laser and Datalogger that has been developed as an aid in the precise measurement and recording of tubing, drill pipe and casing. It minimises the time a user has to spend in the yard or on the deck when measuring racked lengths of casing and drill pipe.

The PIPEMATE system consists of industry proven instrumentation that is safe and simple to use. Designed to be operated by one man and an assistant, the lightweight equipment will allow the drilling and yard staff to measure rapidly and accurately racked pipe. By firing the laser through the length of the pipe, the requirement to move the pipe around by crane to expose the numerous layers is removed. The eye safe laser when presented to the end of the pipe can be fired either through or over the pipe. Measurements, which can be displayed in either feet and inches, decimal feet or metres, are displayed on the datalogger screen where a simple emulation of a pipe tally book is displayed. The fully automated PIPEMATE logging software removes the likelihood of errors being introduced. Accuracies of +/-3mm are expected over average pipe lengths.

Transfer of the stored data to the office PC is achieved in a matter of moments through the PIPEMATE download management software. This fully automated function not only speeds the process of data transfer but reduces the chance of incorrect entries being made. Once transferred to the PC, the data can then be directly imported to a spreadsheet.

The PIPEMATE equipment consists of a laser and datalogger in a weatherproof housing. Data logged is automatically identified with a unique point number and a user entered pipe reference, each completed measurement is date and time stamped. The PIPEMATE Download software generates comma separated ASCII data files that are suitable for importing into spreadsheet software packages. This facility allows office staff to manipulate, present and save the data as desired as the drilling programme progresses or as pipe leaves the yard.

The safety advantages in using the PIPEMATE are numerous, particularly that it is not necessary to move the pipe around in the racks by crane or forklift to measure the numerous layers of pipe. It also offers the safety advantage that the user can measure much of the pipe from deck level without the need to be scrambling around on potentially wet and greasy pipe.

The PIPEMATE package offers the user a rapid method of measuring and recording individual pipe lengths accurately without having to read tape measures and write the length into a pipe tally book. The associated Download software package allows office staff to rapidly transfer the data from the PIPEMATE to the office PC through the RS232 interface. The comma separated data is then easily imported into a spreadsheet software package for subsequent management. Downloaded data can readily be transferred to diskette for dissemination throughout the department.

The fully automated logging and data transfer software packages removes the chance of errors being introduced.


:: A rugged weatherproof housing to IP65Standards.
:: A serial port for interface to a PC.
:: A QWERTY typewriter keypad layout.
:: Sealed Re-chargeable batteries (approx 12 hrs continuous use).

and comprises of the following items:

:: Laser
:: Datalogger with Suite of Pipemate Programs
:: Mains Charger
:: Download I/O Cable(s)
:: Download Software Diskette (3.5")
:: Users Manuals:-
- Pipemate Operating Instructions
- Download Operating Instructions

Case Dimensions - 44.5cm x 48.8cm x 12.7cm
Case Weight - 8Kg

Download Speed Tally™ Laser Tally documentation (pdf)

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